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EL-Announce with LM_NET Select is a moderated, thrice weekly, read-only compilation of selected messages posted to LM_NET along with limited library media vendor announcements.  If you subscribe to EL-Announce with LM_NET Select-- in addition to thrice weekly LM_NET Select compilations-- you will receive announcements of new products, services, or opportunities specifically suited the the education and library fields. This is an announcement list only-- there will be no discussion, but you will be able to reply directly to a specific vendor to obtain additional information.

EL-Announce with LM_NET Select (Education and Library Announcements) allows library media professionals and staff an efficient and low-volume way to stay in touch with LM_NET postings-- without joining LM_NET directly. It also allows school and library related vendors and organizations an acceptable, effective way to send notices and promotional materials to library media professionals and staff who want to receive them. All EL-Announce with LM_NET Select list members join on a voluntary basis.

EL-Announce with LM_NET Select member addresses will NOT be available to anyone. Posting to EL-Announce is limited just to the selected vendors who choose to participate and support LM_NET with a small annual contribution.

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